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Choose Novia Galleria to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Veil

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As your wedding day approaches, you have many tasks and desires. You are marrying the man you will love for a lifetime. It will be a day to remember. Thus you want to have the perfect wedding veil—an heirloom—you can share with your family. Novia Galleria can help you with your desires.

With a variety of veils to choose from, you will need to select a material that will last a lifetime and into the next. Your children will see your veil, want to wear it, play “wedding day,” and some materials are not going to hold up. It is crucial for you to find something that is beautiful, handcrafted, and durable against the test of time.

Italian Tulle

Italian Tulle is known for being the perfect choice for your wedding veil, particularly, when you locate handcrafted veils designed to provide the ideal look for your wedding day.

Italian tulle is beautiful silk that offers a lightweight material that is excellent for veils. It is also known for accepting beadwork with ease, which means you can have a bead or pearl rim along your hairline or a stunning hairpiece that trims nicely with the Italian tulle.

Styles Available

You have a few choices to make now that you know Italian tulle is the right material. The first is the length. Do you want a veil that is as long or longer than your dresses’ train? Are you more comfortable with something that is weight length or mid-back? Are you going to walk down the aisle with the veil over your face or do you want it as an accent to your dress versus something that will block your face?

You can choose anything you desire. Some veils are meant to accent your dress, such as becoming the train and flowing around your shoulders. Others are short to be out of the way when you walk, dance, and say your vows.

The tradition is to have a part that will come over your face, which can be just over your eyes or past your chin.

Candytuft is a full-length veil, with artistry on the bottom edge to enhance the back of your dress. Firefly is a shorter, waist-length veil with a simplistic edge, while the Jessamy style is meant as a hairpiece versus an over-the-face design.

Novia Galleria has any style of veil you could want for your special day.